Buma Music in Motion

Buma Music in Motion is a project developed in collaboration with The Creative Dutchman.
The project is divided into two parts: information and storytelling through the character of the girl.

The first, more important, tells the reality of Buma and the relationships that can be created in the musical field using the indicated channels. For the second, a female character was chosen to tell the story of this girl who decides to leave to fulfill her dream of becoming a professional musician, following the advice and the ways told by the informative part of the video.

Agency: The Creative Dutchman
Director: Hidde de Vries
Project Supervisor: Edo Faravelli
Illustrations: Nastassia
2D Animations, video editing: Tommaso Zambelli

buma estratto 2
buma estratto 1
buma wip 2
buma wip 1